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Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ intimate attack target reveals singer ruined her life, calls singer ‘scum. ‘

Kenny Rogers ‘ 25-year-old assault that is sexual has resurfaced together with girl whom filed the actual situation against Rogers is talking away, revealing all after each one of these years. Lisa Applewhite could be the title of Kenny Rogers’ target and she claims if she never will that she has never gotten over the traumatic assault and feels as. Applewhite now passes the final title of Kimball, and reported to Radar on line, “It makes me personally mad and cringe once I see him on television, ” claims Lisa. “I think he’s scum that is filthy.

Definitely, he ruined my entire life. ”

Kenny Rogers thinks phone intercourse is innocent enjoyable

She actually is now exposing the facts. Lisa stated she came across Kenny through a family group buddy because of the title of Billy Bob Harris who was simply a extremely good friend of Rogers. Harris claimed he could easily get Lisa a right component in Kenny’s movie and provided Kenny Lisa’s quantity. Kenny later called Lisa asking her to audition for the component into the movie. Lisa stated Kenny paid $3,000 on her pictures, liked exactly just exactly what he saw, and thought she’d fit the component completely but informed her it had been essential that she keep their “relationship” quiet.

Kenny Rogers continues to reject all claims of incorrect doing

“I never ever thought for just one moment he’d manipulate me personally like this because I happened to be therefore young, ” adds Lisa, who was simply 26 during the time.